Why Trucking Is a Great Career for Veterans

Published Date: 3/28/2023

Updated Date: 3/29/2023

Why is trucking a great career for veterans? 

Loyalty, duty, respect, honor, and integrity are some of the many values shared between a career in the military and as a professional truck driver. Making trucking one of the best jobs for veterans, especially considering the Military Benefits for paid training and housing available with Swift Transportation.  

Veterans in trucking often find there are many transferable skills between their time in the military and truck driving that make transitioning into the role both fulfilling and exciting. Especially considering both careers are essential to the safety and function of the United States.  

From being safety focused and detail oriented to being a self starter and mission driven, there are countless similarities between service members and Swift Drivers.   

Swift Driver and Army Veteran Annette K has shared how her military career impacts how she approaches her current position as a professional truck driver.  

Annette K in her truck holding steering wheel with a quote that reads, “Coming from a military family and serving in the Army, I’ve learned to be adaptable and self- sufficient, which has been useful in my trucking career.”

Paid truck driving school for veterans 

As earning your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL License) is required to become a professional trucker, finding a trucking company that offers paid truck driving school for veterans is a great way to kick off your new career.  

Veteran scholarships 

Swift honors veterans by offering both scholarships for CDL Training and applicable financial support for housing military veterans training to become truck drivers. Making it as simple and rewarding as possible for those with military experience to explore a career path in the transportation industry. 

Veteran apprenticeship programs 

Swift Transportation offers a Nationally Approved Military Apprentice Program that features VA on-the-job training and apprenticeship opportunities that can lead to a fulfilling career as a truck driver. 

This program is proudly approved by the U.S. Department of Labor to assist military veterans as they transition to a civilian occupation. Creating an impactful opportunity to continually support veterans at Swift

Benefits of becoming a truck driver for veterans  

Other than the benefit of continuing onto another respected career that aligns with your existing skill sets and valuable experience, trucking companies like Swift offer robust Military Benefits Programs

Competitive benefits 

From health insurance and 401k to weekly paychecks and PTO, a trucking career with Swift Transportation can equip you and your family with the resources they need to live happy and healthy lives. Helping veterans fully enjoy the civilian life they deserve. 

Swift Driver benefit packages can include but are not limited to: 

  • PTO Plan 
  • 401K Match 
  • Competitive Pay 
  • Weekly Paycheck 
  • Stock Purchase Plan 
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, & Life Insurance 

Financial security 

Veterans in trucking experience comparable financial security as they did while in the military. Creating a familiar and valuable sense of stability as you explore a new line of work after leaving active duty.  

Trucking jobs for veterans can also begin with a higher starting salary when compared to new hires without military experience. Making trucking a great career for veterans.  

Gary C. is a veteran, experienced Swift truck driver, and shop associate. Due to unforeseen circumstances, his transition into civilian life after leaving the military led to homelessness. During an interview, he shared that the opportunity to work at Swift is what has shaped his life most. 

“I was in the VA Homeless Program,” said Gary. “I got a scholarship to truck driving school. I filled out maybe 50 applications and Swift was the only one that would give me an opportunity to change my life. I think I have made the most of this opportunity. I just recently bought a new house. I just bought a new truck and I have been very successful here at Swift. It's been life changing and I'm very grateful.” 

Driver Gary C. standing in front of a black Swift Transportation truck and smiling

Job security  

Much like the military, truck driving is essential work. This means that their career is critical to the functionality, stability, and safety of the United States.  

With this comes valuable job security. Keeping truckers consistently employed due to the fact that their skills are specialized and remain consistently in high demand. 

Dog policy 

Pet friendly trucking companies, like Swift, offer an opportunity to hit the road with your BFF (best furry friend). This policy can be especially beneficial for those who may have an emotional support animal or service dog they want to ensure are not only welcome at their workplace but encouraged to be there. 

Swift Transportation driver Sergio posing in front of a truck with his pet dog Kilo

Want to find the best trucking jobs for veterans?  

If you’re seeking a military friendly career where you are valued, respected, and celebrated for your service, today is the day to become a Swift Driver.  

Swift Transportation offers the best trucking jobs for veterans due to their Military Benefits Programs, while also fostering a culture of gratitude for all veterans.  

Whether you’re a veteran with existing CDL Experience or considering an exciting new career in trucking: We want to hear from you!  

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