Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

Published Date: 3/27/2023

Updated Date: 5/31/2023

Did you know truck driving is a good career? 

Have you ever found yourself curious about a career that could take you places – both literally and figuratively? You may want to consider a highly rewarding and respected position as a truck driving professional.   

From ever changing scenery to being the keeper of your own schedule, there are endless benefits to choosing a career as a truck driver. Find out more below.  

Benefits of being a truck driver 

From earning competitive pay, tuition reimbursement, job security, and getting paid to travel, there are countless benefits to becoming a Swift driver.

Blue International Swift Transportation truck driving down the road in a desert landscape 

Competitive pay & benefits  

Did you know that trucking is one of the highest paid careers that doesn’t require a college degree? Professional truck drivers can earn upwards of $100,000 within their career without the burden of student loans or spending 4 years at a university. 

Supporting the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projection that 60% of fast-growing occupations between 2020 and 2030 will consist of roles that do not require degrees. 

It’s also been found that the average truck driver salary has been on the rise throughout the United States. Meaning that those who excel within the profession can realistically grow their pay into the six figures within the span of their career.  

Drivers are generally paid based on experience and will often find competitive performance-based bonuses available.  

This level of financial security and access to other valuable benefits, like health insurance and PTO, makes a case for considering a career as a professional truck driver.  

These driver benefit packages can include but are not limited to: 

  • PTO Plan 
  • 401K Match 
  • Competitive Pay 
  • Weekly Paycheck
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, & Life Insurance 

Job Security & essential work 

When it comes to the transportation industry, it is known that truck driving professionals are the true heroes of the supply chain. It is part of a truck drivers’ job to fuel the economy by transporting goods, including essentials like food and medical supplies. This provides ample job security due to their in-demand skills.  

This can further translate to a more stable career trajectory and increased opportunities because truck driving has been deemed an essential occupation. With the United States currently facing a truck driver shortage, you could find a more expedient path to promotion based on accelerated needs.  

Independence & flexible schedules 

When it’s just you and the open road: the possibilities are endless. This can mean dictating your own schedule, choosing your route, and supervising your own workflow. 

Make the most of your route by planning out with your driver leader where you want to spend your breaks and seeing if you can fit in any sights or landmarks along the way. This can be incredibly valuable if you prefer working independently and on your own terms, as much as possible. 

Of course, your trucking company will provide your scope of work, including where you’re headed and when the delivery needs to be made, but you will ultimately be self-directed.  

Training & tuition reimbursement 

One major benefit of choosing a truck driving job is that you can get your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) paid for by prospective employers. You can receive valuable driver training to use for a lifetime with little to no out of pocket investment.  

For example, Swift Transportation offers training programs with tuition reimbursement available for students earning their CDL License with the Swift Academy. This makes our truck driving school a great fit for those starting out.  

Swift Transportation Academy Instructors in front of a student truck guiding an academy student driver learning to back.

Veteran scholarships & benefits  

If you’re a Veteran or a First Responder interested in starting a career in the trucking industry, Swift offers an opportunity for scholarships that cover the costs of CDL Training and any applicable housing. In tandem with offering a robust Military Benefits Program Program, Veterans can start their career as a truck driver without any concern for costs. We work hard to create a culture where your services and skills are not only valued as a Veteran – they’re honored. 

Pet friendly trucking companies 

If you prefer having a dog as your copilot, Swift Transportation’s Dog Policy offers opportunities to bring your four-legged friend on the road to keep you company. Eligible dogs are under 40 pounds, non-aggressive, and have proof of proper vaccinations. 

Swift Transportation truck driver holding hands with her dog

Why now is the time to become a truck driver 

Other than the incredible driver benefits and the start of a highly rewarding career, the United States is currently in the midst of a truck driver shortage. Now is the time to become a supply chain hero and pursue an exciting driving career with Swift Transportation. 

Whether you’re seasoned with CDL Experience or consider yourself a new driver: We want to hear from you!  

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