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Published Date: 5/17/2023

Updated Date: 6/7/2023

How Swift Gets Drivers Back Home 

A common concern for both potential and current drivers is time away from home. While it is true that being over-the-road for longer periods of time is required for of most drivers, it’s also important that drivers have a healthy work/life balance. This is why Swift Transportation created the Home Time Team, a group of office staff dedicated to supporting drivers and their home time needs. The Home Time Team focuses on fulfilling drivers' home time requests.  

We sat down for a Q&A with Perla L., one of the Sr. Planners on the team, to learn more about her time working at Swift, as well as her role in this department. Perla works out of the Jurupa Valley terminal where she plans home time for drivers based out of the West Coast terminals. 

Perla L. a Swift Transportation employee smiles while in the Jurupa Valley Terminal.

It Started with Swift   

Q: How long have you worked at Swift? 

A: I started at Swift in 2001, so over 20 years ago. 

Q: You must enjoy it if you're still here. 

A: Exactly. It's not perfect, but it does feel like family. We get a lot of support. That's the main reason why I'm still here. 

Q: What positions have you had before you were on the home time team? 

A: I started as a security guard at the gate. Then I moved to the Extended Coverage team. I then was Driver Leader. My last position before the Home Time Team was a local planner. 

Q: What about the trucking industry attracts you? 

A: In 2001 I knew nothing about trucking. What attracted me most to trucking was the people. Everyone has a story, and everyone has needs and I feel a connection to that. It fuels my passion to help people.  

Another thing I find interesting is how we move the industry. You know, we move our hygiene, our food. When my family or friends ask me about my job, I feel a lot of pride. You know we delivered that meat you are eating? And the toilet paper you are using she tells her family. That all attracted me and is the reason I’ve stayed. 

Getting You Home on Time, Every Time 

Q: Why was the Home Time Team created? 

A: The primary focus was to retain our drivers and keep them happy. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role on the Home Time Team?

A: I get to work with drivers and people across the country. It satisfies me and makes me happy when I can help a driver to get home and they are happy and appreciative. I like to problem-solve to get a driver home. 

Swift Transportation Truck Driver Kirsten L. smiles in front of Swift International truck.

The Process of Getting You Home 

Q: Tell us a little about the Home Time Team. 

A: We have a healthy amount of people on the team who meet once a week. We share what went well that week and what did not work. We give feedback to each other. We all feel passionate about what we are doing. We are a dedicated, reliable, and hard-working team. 

Q: Is there a number that drivers contact you? How does a driver get referred to the Home Time Team? 

A: Through their driver leader. The driver leader will then pass our information on to the driver, and we work closely with them on their requests. 
Q: How far in advance should a driver contact the Home Time Team? 

A: If a driver is in their region, we ask them to enter a 7-day notice. If a driver is outside of their region, we ask them to put in a 2-week notice. 
Q: If there is an emergency and someone needs to get home faster than usual is there a different process? 

A: The driver will still contact their driver leader. We understand home time is important in any capacity. It is a priority. Emergencies do come up. We all go through things. When those emergencies come up, I take it personally and use every resource I can to find a solution for the driver. We do everything we can to get them home as soon as possible. 

Q: Do you get alerted anytime there is a home time request? 

 A: The driver or driver leader can enter home time. Either request hits our list. We then go down this list and work to get drivers home on time. 

Q: Is the process different if a driver wants to take home time in a place that is not their home? For example, if they have a wedding in another state and want to take their home time there. 

A: Home time is time away from work, so it can be anywhere across the country. If they have a special occasion or want to visit their brother in New York, we will get them there. 

Drivers Deserve Balance  

Q: Why do you believe the Home Time Team is important at Swift? 

A: The Home Time Team is important because we are in a place to find a solution for every driver. Our team is passionate about what we do. We have made a difference in retaining our drivers. We know our drivers have family and friends. They have things to take care of. They are human beings like we are. They deserve their time off and they deserve to have a balance. Our sole responsibility is to the driver and to get them home safely. 

Become a Swift Transportation truck driver 

At Swift, we are grateful for employees like Perla who embody supporting drivers every mile, every day. Are you looking for a company that prioritizes you as a driver? We would love to have you join the Swift family! Fill out an application today.  

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