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After successfully completing your behind-the-wheel training and earning your Class A CDL, you can spend your entire career at Swift – from hire to retire. That's because we not only work hard to provide our drivers with world-class on-the-road training, but we have a proud culture of supporting every driver, every mile, every day. One of the ways we do that is by offering you opportunities to expand your knowledge and your career when you're ready. 

Although you may begin your career at Swift as a brand new driver seated beside a mentor, as you gain experience, there are several steps and career paths you can take that will help you stay as interested, engaged and as happy on mile one as you are on your millionth. Let's take a look at just a few of the ways we make that happen.


Different Types of Freight/Lines of Business

Once you've completed our behind-the-wheel driving school and have earned your Class A CDL license, you'll have the opportunity to work on a variety of types of freight, including:

  • Dry Van
  • Reefer
  • Flatbed
  • Intermodal
  • Dedicated
  • Express
  • Heavy Haul (Pacific Northwest only)

In addition, you can work in a variety of driving styles, like over-the-road (OTR), regional, and local. Not only that, but you can work as a solo driver or as part of a team, as a mentor training new drivers, or as an Owner-Operator.  

Your income will vary based on the combination of variables outlined above. However, with so many opportunities to explore, plus ways to increase your income based on freight, driving style, and more, your career can be what you make it – and your income can rise right along with it. For information on the highest-paying trucking jobs at Swift, check out our salary page.


Mentoring Program

When you first start driving for Swift, you'll drive with a mentor – someone who can show you the ropes, help you learn about life on the road, and how to be a better driver. (Mentoring positions are only available to company drivers. For details, please talk to your driver leader.) 

If you decide to apply to be a mentor, you can help train the next generation of drivers and earn more money along the way. In fact, during training, mentors are paid for all miles the truck is dispatched on, receive a $100 weekly bonus, and have an overall higher earning potential. Plus, as part of our mentoring program, you'll receive an additional bonus when your trainees achieve 30,000 solo dispatched miles post-upgrade – which means you could earn up to $25,000 more per year.



If you'd rather be your own boss and simply partner with Swift, in certain states you can become an Owner-Operator. This means you'll contract your own truck or lease one, have the option to run as a solo owner or bring in a team driver to run with you, and haul Swift freight. It also means you can have a higher earning potential (but you'll have more responsibilities, too). 

If you like the idea of becoming an independent Owner-Operator and want to learn more about what it can mean for you personally and professionally, visit our comprehensive Owner-Operator information page.


Teaching & Corporate Opportunities

If, at some point, you decide that life on the road is no longer for you, Swift offers opportunities that can help you achieve your new goals. From teaching at one of our Swift Academies, to working within one of our 30+ terminals – we're dedicated to hiring and promoting from within and will be here to support you – whatever your dream may be for your career with Swift.  

To start your career with Swift, visit our Careers page, or find a Swift Academy and get behind-the-wheel training near you. 

Explore Your Opportunities for a Long-Term Career at Swift

Jerry H. has been a truck driver for 54 years! Throughout his career, he has worked at a number of trucking companies in various positions such as driver and fleet manager. Since his start at Swift in 2005, he has been a solo driver, a driver mentor, and even for some time a driver instructor at Swift Academy. Jerry is a perfect example of valuable experience being transferrable to various careers at Swift. Drivers can rest assured their opportunities at Swift are endless, allowing them to find what they truly love while sustaining a long-term, stable career.