Doing our part to contribute to a more sustainable future
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Sustainability has always been at the core of our culture. While we have made significant strides in improving our environmental footprint over the years, we believe that setting an ambitious public goal to reduce carbon emissions generated by our fleet by 50% over the next 15 years quantifies our commitment. Our passionate and dedicated team members have the knowledge to rally around and execute on this achievable goal that will benefit our families, our communities, and future generations.

– Dave Jackson, CEO Knight-Swift Transportation

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Environmental Stewardship

We will continue our strategy of investing capital in new equipment to take advantage of improvements in tractor cab aerodynamic drag, engine efficiency and developing fuel saving technologies. In addition, we are committed to completing our initiative to install Start-Stop idle reduction technology in all our tractors to reduce emissions. To date, we have deployed this technology in 61% of our tractors and have plans to complete this by Q4 2023. Along with our rigorous management and training efforts centered around fuel efficiency, we are also actively working to implement next generation trailer aerodynamic solutions, optimize diesel emissions with new cleaner burning solutions and implement various other strategies as technology is further developed.

We will make meaningful progress using technologies and strategies that are currently available in the marketplace. However, to meet the long-term goal of a 50% reduction, we will be reliant upon new technologies that are currently under various phases of development. We are anticipating that zero-emissions vehicles (including battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles) will move from prototype phase to cost-effective market solutions. We are currently testing and closely monitoring these technologies and anticipate that the solutions will be a meaningful contributor towards the targeted reduction