Why Millennials and Gen Z Make Great Truck Drivers

Published Date: 3/30/2023

In recent years, the job market in the trucking industry swayed in favor of drivers. There is a growing need for more truck drivers. Millennials and Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, may be the perfect candidates to fill the gap. There are many advantages to becoming a truck driver. Let's take a look at the benefits that come with this profession. 

Benefits of Truck Driving Jobs for Millennials and Gen Z 

It’s hard to decide what is the “best industry” to start your career. The trucking industry offers many advantages that make it an appealing career choice. Here are some reasons why the trucking industry is at the top of our list.  

Swift Transportation truck driver sitting in truck and smiling

Job Security 

The trucking industry is a crucial part of the economy. Truck drivers are responsible for delivering goods and products across the country. If there is a need for these products, there is a need for truck drivers. Job security is generally high in the trucking industry.  

Over the last several years, a driver shortage has put truck drivers in control of the industry. A shortage of drivers may not sound like a positive thing, but there is always a high demand for truck drivers. This leads to better job opportunities, higher pay, and more flexibility for drivers. 

Flexibility and Freedom 

Some truck drivers choose their own routes. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in their work. This can be particularly appealing to individuals who value independence in their careers. Some may even find jobs that stay in their local community.  

Truck drivers also have a level of freedom that is hard to find in other careers. They are responsible for managing their own schedule. They can typically choose the routes they take and the pace at which they drive. This means that they can plan their trips around their personal preferences, whether that’s taking the interstate or a scenic route.  Between deliveries, drivers can stop at interesting landmarks. They take time off to rest and recharge while soaking in the beauty of nature.

Swift Transportation truck driver smiling while driving his truck

Salary and Benefits 

According to Indeed.com, the average truck driver salary in 2022 was $81,000 per year. Out of 776,000 salaries reports, the range falls between $53,000 and up to $126,000 per year. This is a solid salary, especially if you don't have a college degree. Truck driver salaries depend on level of experience, type of freight, and amount of miles ran. Additionally, many trucking companies offer competitive benefits packages. These include health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. 

Travel and Adventure 

One of the biggest advantages of being a truck driver is the opportunity to travel. Most millennials and Zoomers crave adventure and exploration. Truck driving can offer a unique way to see the country. Truck drivers are constantly on the move. They deliver goods and products to various locations across the nation. They get to see new places, experience different cultures, and try new things. 

Non-Office Environment 

Truck driving is a non-office job. Individuals who dislike sitting at a desk all day may find this career to be a refreshing change. Many millennials and Zoomers want careers with more flexibility and independence. Truck driving certainly fits the bill. Instead of typing away behind a desk all day, truck drivers are out on the open road. They get to experience the freedom of the outdoors. This can be a more stimulating environment for those who want to get out of the office and try something new. 

Swift Transportation truck driver is driving Blue International Swift Transportation truck driving down the road in a desert landscape.

Technological Advancements 

The trucking industry evolves over time. Advancements in technology have made the job easier and more efficient. This includes things like GPS systems, electronic logging devices, and safety features. At Swift we have the latest model trucks and gear to keep drivers moving. 

Bring a Friend to Work  

Many Millennials and Zoomers are choosing the trucking industry so they can bring a partner along for the ride. Most trucking companies have a rider policy that allows the driver to bring someone along with them. Driving the highways alone can be lonely. Some drivers take advantage by inviting their wife, husband, mom, child, or anyone along to see the country. Swift even offers a dog policy which allows drivers to bring their dogs as a companion on the road. It’s one of the only jobs where every day is bring your dog to work day!

Young millennial and Gen Z Swift Transportation truck drivers standing in front of their truck

Why You Should Consider a Trucking Career 

Of course, like any industry, the trucking industry has its challenges. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, truck driving is a rewarding career choice. Truck drivers enjoy the job security and flexibility that they get. Most trucking companies offer competitive pay and benefits. And you can't beat the opportunity for adventure and travel while getting paid! It’s easy to see why the trucking industry is one of the best industries to work in.  

Truck driving is a good career choice because it offers travel, freedom, and independence. It is hard to find that anywhere else. It also provides a steady income and a sense of purpose. Millennials and  Zoomers should consider truck driving as a practical career choice. 

There is growing career potential in becoming a truck driver as the industry evolves. Every day, more young people take advantage of the many benefits that come with it.  

If you’d like to start a fulfilling trucking career at Swift Transportation, your opportunities are endless! Visit our job board to see a full list of active truck driving positions across our various lines of business.

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