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Standard and Expedited Freight Services

Swift Transportation can customize and design your intermodal transportation solutions to move your freight at the speed AND COST you need. Swift Intermodal transportation has been in the intermodal segment for over 10 years and is available to all of our customers across North America (United States, Mexico and Canada).

Combine the economy of rail with Swift’s over-the-road handling for seamless door-to-door service and savings. Our terminal network throughout North America and large drayage fleets are aligned to offer applications suitable for all intermodal transportation needs. Whether your freight demands require rail/truck service, door-to-door, coast-to-coast, or cross-border transportation, Swift Intermodal is the solution. 

COFC Shipment Mode (Container on Flat Car)

Swift offers a complete door-to-door service for all of your container requirements. Our domestic fleet is comprised of over 8,800 53-foot containers. We have the most modern container fleet in the industry. In fact, every container in our fleet is equipped with satellite tracking, permitting real time tracking of your loads.

Swift offers an E-COFC network through partnership with the BNSF. This product permits us to offer TOFC transit times for container product lanes.

TOFC Shipment Mode (Trailer on Flat Car)

Swift has a domestic fleet of over 56,000 53 foot containers capable of rail movement. We have among the newest trailer fleets in the industry, completely equipped with satellite tracking, permitting real time tracking of your loads.

Light Weight Network (Weight Bridge)

Swift operates the largest light weight drayage fleet in the nation. This light weight drayage fleet permits us to offer heavier payloads to our customers in both COFC and TOFC modes. A maximum load with appropriate loading arrangement is approximately 47,500 lbs for COFC and 51,000 for TOFC.

Cross Border Product

Swift operates into and out of Mexico and Canada.

Intermodal Trucking Jobs

Intermodal trucking uses two types of transportation (truck and railway) to move freight from one place to another. As an intermodal driver with Swift, you'll haul the freight during the first and final legs of the journey, while the train will handle the freight during the second leg (which is usually the long-haul portion of the trip). 

Intermodal trucking jobs at Swift are available for company drivers and offer a wide range of benefits, including more consistent freight, routes and contacts, and a more consistent home schedule.

Because drivers work in tandem with major rail hubs to serve our clients, our intermodal trucking jobs are only available in certain areas. However, because we operate 25 intermodal hubs and have a network across 28 states and three Canadian provinces, finding a job near you is probably easier than you think. For more information on becoming a company driver or details on our intermodal trucking jobs, please call 866-437-3050

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