Effective Heavy Haul Solutions That Meet Your Supply Chain Needs

Overweight Loads and Unique Trailer Configurations

Fueled by overwhelming customer demand, Swift continues to expand service-intensive Heavy Haul operations in the Pacific Northwest.

A tribute to our “personal commitment to always deliver," Swift Transportation now operates more than 550 Heavy Haul units in the Northwest and Canada. Originally, established to meet the needs of one of Swift’s premier retail customers, the Heavy Haul Division has evolved into one of the most effective solutions for the many weight sensitive shippers in the region. Comprised of a variety of unique trailer configurations, Swift professionals are constantly engineering new solutions for heavy haul loads for our customers’ supply-chain requirements. Swift is rapidly becoming the preeminent transportation provider for manufacturers of many commodities, including paper products and beverages.

Heavy Haul Equipment

  • 24’ and 40’ Doubles Trailer (Roll Door)
  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 62,000 lbs. and 5095 cube
  • 53’ Quad-Axle Dry Vans
  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 62,000 lbs.
  • 53’ Tri-Axle Reefers
  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 52,000 lbs. and 4250 cube

Heavy Haul Truck Jobs

Located exclusively in the Pacific Northwest, our heavy haul truck jobs have a lot to offer: steady miles year-round, staying closer to home, and paying you a premium for every loaded dispatched mile. You get a better balance between driving and spending time with friends and family, all while receiving a higher earning potential with steady paychecks. 

If more home time and more money aren't enough, how about building strong customer relationships? Our heavy haul fleet has a very consistent and regular customer base. You will get to know your shipping and receiving client well as you provide them with superior service. Add to that the close connections and support of your Swift family — and it's easy to see how driving a heavy haul truck can give you a career that matters in more ways than one. For additional information or details on applying for a heavy haul truck driver job at Swift, contact one of our recruiters at 866-437-3050

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