Flatbed Trucking To Meet Your Needs

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As the industry’s most dynamic carrier, Swift Transportation continues to expand our diverse portfolio of service-sensitive, specialty operations to meet your unique needs.

    Our roots are deep in flatbed trucking and transportation, and growing stronger each year. We recognize that our customers have specific needs that are not necessarily compatible with standard flatbed trucking products. In an effort to provide seamless, service-sensitive, headache-free solutions, Swift’s flatbed transportation division offers one of the most diverse selections of trailer configurations in the market. Our growing flatbed trucking fleet of experienced drivers is always on alert to give you the excellent performance that Swift’s customers have come to expect. The professionals at Swift have been hard at work for over 40 years, so if you need solutions, consider it done. 

    Flatbed Equipment

    • Over 475 dedicated tractors
    • Over 1300 trailers
    • 48’ x 102” Drop Decks
    • 53’ x 102” Drop Decks
    • 48’ x 102” Aluminum Air-Rides

    Flatbed Accessories

    • Full Drop Tarps
    • Chains and Binders
    • V-Boards
    • 4” Nylon Straps
    • Chain Protectors
    • Dunnage/Chocks
    • Side Kits
    • Coil Packages

    Flatbed Shipment Mode

    • Extra-weight and over-dimensional load capabilities

    Flatbed Trucking Jobs

    When you're hired for a flatbed trucking job at Swift, you'll not only see more of the country, but you'll perform a more physical job — making it fun for those who like a little more "hands-on" work. You'll also receive a higher rate of pay because the job is more demanding. 

    Because of this, anyone hired for one of our flatbed truck driving jobs is required to take a tie-down class. Once complete, you'll most likely be assigned to a regional route that will have you running in one of our "triangles" and becoming an integral part of the business you support. For additional information or details on how to apply for one of our flatbed truck driver jobs, contact one of our recruiters at 866-437-3050

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