Convention Services

Event and Convention Experience and Support

At Swift Transportation, we understand that the cost of your tradeshow shipment is miniscule compared to the costs that could haunt you if it doesn’t arrive on time.

In September of 2001, Swift Transportation made an unprecedented move and hired one of the most respected tradeshow executives to direct our Convention Services initiative.  Our knowledge of the Convention Industry coupled with the support and focus of America’s largest full truckload carrier makes us the logical and economical choice for your next tradeshow.

  • Knowledge of the complex structures and nuances of the Convention and Trade Show Industry
  • 24/7 dedicated convention resource team
  • GPS tracking via the internet allows you to check on your own freight and even secure a proof of delivery from your laptop or PC
  • Support of Swift’s vast terminal network for fueling, maintenance, and driver services
  • Mileage sensitive rates do not increase with added weight
  • Insurance available to provide additional value protection
  • Special Tradeshow Hotline gets you in touch with our network at any time, day or night (1-866-254-4826)

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