Spotlight Driver: September

Spotlight Driver Recognition

Datina C.

Our nomination driver from the Edwardsville terminal is Datina C. She is 100 percent dedicated to on time delivery and customer satisfaction.  She is currently working on the Great Lakes region Costco Dedicated fleet.  She is a platinum driver with 100% on time delivery.  She always greets our customers with a smile and continues to receive accolades from the managers at Costco.  She is also dedicated to safe miles being accident free since starting with Swift in April.  

Datina goes above and beyond with her customers.  At one stop she found a box of freight (makeup) left in an empty trailer.  She took that box and turned it into the customer on her own accord.  At the same customer while cleaning out a trailer by accident she threw the bills of her load away.  Datina turned around and went back to the shipper and jumped in the dumpster and grabbed the bills.  She did it all with a smile and joking with the security guards on site.  It was a laughable moment but it shows her motivation to do the right thing and ensure everything was in place to deliver on time with the bills.

She is 100 percent a team player speaking with other drivers teaching them how she is successful.  She teaches pride in professionalism with them and shows it with her actions and attitude.  If she were to fault herself it would be she is a perfectionist, which is a good problem to have.  

I couldn't be more proud of Datina.  She leads my entire Costco team in miles and seems to never be in a bad mood.  Proud to have her on my fleet.

Jason Noffsinger
Driver Leader
Edwardsville, KS