Spotlight Driver: August

Spotlight Driver Recognition

David T.

From David's Driver Leader...

David has been with Swift since 11/26/2014, and has been driving as a solo since 01/08/2015.

David is already a Platinum driver and a Mentor. Which is good for a driver leader when it comes to productivity.

However, David is also a team player, and is willing to help out with the smaller loads and other such things.

Example:  I had a driver that had gotten into a wreak a few months back.  The driver was off work for almost 4 months because of the wreak.  When the driver returned to work, he was somewhat afraid and had lost his confidence.  After a few different efforts of trying to get the driver some help; David stepped up to help out. Oh, don't get me wrong; David was compensated for helping out.  What I am getting at is that David was willing to do it, and made his best effort to do a good job of it.

That is the kind of person David is.  A hard and willing worker and a team player.

I mean this when I say this:  I wish I had 30 more drivers like David on my fleet.