Spotlight Driver: April

Spotlight Driver Recognition

Jesse B.

On behalf of the Swift Phoenix, AZ Synergy Panel and National Customer Service, we would like to recognize Jesse for going above and beyond Swifts values and guided principles.

Jesse has been with Swift since 02/2012.  Jesse worked close with his driver leader and together Jesse was able to overcome some challenges along the way.   He has a positive attitude and he has a goal of safety first and foremost.  Jesse went from a Bronze to a Gold driver by 2014.  Jesse allowed his driver leader Connie Portman to give him guidance toward being “Best In Class.” Connie says, “Jesse has always recognized that we are here to the Customer and has always made me very proud in doing so.”  Jesse has never had a service failure with Swift and that is a great thing to be able to say about a driver.

Jesse has shown that perseverance, patience and trust will go a long way in your driving career at Swift. Jesse has also shown that if you really want something and you face challenges along the way, do not give up.  Keep working toward your goals and you will reach them.

Thank you for all you do!
Terminal Leader: Troy Favero
Driver Leader: Connie H. Portman