Getting to Know Mike - Swift Owner Operator

Michael Vanderver is one of our most recent Owner-Operators at Swift Transportation.

After his wife had their first child, Isaiah, Mike decided that he needed a job that would allow his wife to stay home with their newborn son. That is when, after many years as an EMT firefighter, he decided to become a truck driver.

Mike has also trained new drivers throughout his career and plans to become a Swift Independent Training Consultant as soon as possible. He shared that he loves seeing the look on his student's faces when they accomplish their first back.

When Mike's son was two years old, he was officially diagnosed as Autistic. However, he quickly found that there are few resources in rural areas, such as where he and his family live in Kentucky, for children with Autism. Such as Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy. Since then, Mike has done everything he can to raise Autism awareness, and one of his asks when coming to Swift was to get an Autism wrapped truck.

Autism Awareness Wrapped Truck

Our Swift Owner-Operator Department made his wish a reality. He was incredibly thankful to Addison, Brett, Ian, and Julius for helping him make his vision come to life.

His new Swift Truck accurately represents the things he and his son, Isaiah, love and is a tribute to raising Autism Awareness. Mike shared that one of his goals is to pledge 1 cent of every mile he drives to donate to rural areas for Autism resources and support.

" I love my job, and I can't think of doing anything else," Mike shared.

He brought his Memmaw (Grandma), Bonida, with him to pick up his new wrapped truck. She was just as excited as he was to pick up the truck. But perhaps the most heartwarming moment was when he face-timed Isaiah and showed him his new truck.

I think it's safe to say Isaiah loves it!

Interested in becoming an Owner-Operator? Give the team a call: 888-462-0348

Autism Awareness