Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Tips on how to secure your personal login accounts


Of course, every day should be cybersecurity day. Securing your home and work network is important to keep your information safe. Below are a few tips to help you secure your personal login accounts:

  • Use strong passwords with a minimum of 15 characters, with random words, numbers, and symbols. Think “passphrase” instead, and get creative. Avoid using family members’ names, pets’ names, and birth dates.


  • Set a unique password for every account. Don’t reuse a password on multiple websites, and don’t mix personal accounts with work accounts. If your social media account gets hacked, you wouldn’t want cyber criminals to “own” your other accounts with the same password. A password manager app like LastPass or Keeper or Bitwarden, to name a few, can help you manage numerous unique passwords for personal logins. (Please refer to online reviews for an app that will fit your needs.)


  • Activate multi-factor authentication (MFA), a.k.a. 2-step verification. Social media platforms, email providers, and banks already offer this feature. (What is MFA? It is a login method that requires another action, in addition to entering a password. That action may involve entering a code that you receive via a text message or approving a login attempt using a mobile app. MFA provides an extra layer of defense against password theft.)